Are you a streamer? Want to share it with the world, or within or Silver Sun Republic communities? You’ve got two choices, Affiliate or Non-Affiliate. We’re all about freedom and you’re free to choose which path you take. Affiliate has a rewards program tied to it, but Non-Affiliate means less scary red tape. Under either path you’ll be free to share your links with our communities and we’ll list your stream on our sites.

Let’s get started. Current or Former US Military? You’ll want to check out Don’t qualify for Check out Silver Sun Republic. Both are part of the Military Gamer Network.

For the Affiliate program email Brandon [at] SilverSunSystems [dot] com with the subject line [MGN Affiliate] for more information. Otherwise, all we ask is that you add the respective logos and links to your stream from our community.

Whether you’re on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live or anywhere else, we require our logo and links to be included. For, go ahead and grab the logo and links to get started.

The Logo with a controller in the center, guideon in the back, and black ribbons spelling out the letters M and G
Follow and Subscribe to

You can simply copy and paste this format from and be set up to stream for the MG community. The Logo can also be saved and uploaded to your streaming channel. Please contact an Officer in the Discord if you desire an alternative color scheme.

For any questions on how to get set up, contact Brando or CaptMoxie for assistance.

Once you have arranged your channel with the required Social Media links and Logo, please message one of us or post in the #Streamers channel that you’re ready for confirmation that your channel is set up properly.